Indian Certificate Attestation

India certificate attestation

Indian Certificate Attestation

Indian Certificate Attestation

Do you have Indian certificates or documents that need attestation for the UAE? or If you are an Indian citizen living in Dubai and wish to attest your documents, then you can utilize our first class services.

Fast, Reliable & Stress-Free Attestation of Indian documents in UAE

Attestation of educational documents are required for the following purposes:

  • Employment Visa
  • To get the Eligible Profession in the visa
  • Labour Card Processing
  • Visa Designation Change
  • Embassy or Consulate purpose
  • MOH Examination/ DOH Examination
  • MOE (Ministry of Education)/KHDA
  • Equivalency and Higher Education
  • School Admission and many more

The process to attest documents takes time and Prompt Attestation Services prides itself on offering the most cost-effective and efficient indian certificate attestation services to meet your needs.
Furthermore, any Indian university functioning outside of India, such as Amity University, BITS Pilani, Anna University, Bangalore University, Mangalore University, Punjab University, etc are mainly accredited and registered in India. Hence the certificates issued from these universities have to be attested by the Indian Authorities.

Educational Documents :-

Degree Certificate, Bachelor Certificate, Master Certificate, PG Degree Certificate, Pre Degree Certificate, Diploma Certificate, Nursing Certificate, HSC Certificate, MBBS Certificate, Engineering Certificate (affiliated to UGC), Pharmacy Certificate, B.Ed Certificate, MS Certificate, MD Certificate, B Tech. Certificate, Mark sheet / Statement of Marks, Inter Certificate, CA certificates, Provisional certificate respectively.

Steps Involved in Attesting Indian Educational Documents

Personal Documents :-

Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate, School Leaving Certificate, Transfer Certificate, Police Clearance / Good Conduct / No Criminal Record, Registration Certificate, Marriage Affidavit Certificate, Bonafide Certificate, Medical Certificate, Affidavit, Single status certificate, Divorce Certificate, Death Certificate respectively, School Records.

Steps Involved in Attesting Indian Personal Documents

Commercial Documents :-

Power of Attorney, Certificate of Origin, Certificate of incorporation, Memorandum of Article and Association, etc.

Steps Involved in Attesting Indian Personal Documents
  • Chamber of Commerce attestation in India
  • MEA attestation
  • Attestation from the UAE Embassy in india
  • Ministry of foreign affairs in UAE