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Marriage Certificate Attestation

marriage certificate attestation in dubai

Marriage Certificate Attestation

The marriage certificate is a document which is recorded and issued by a public/government department to prove that the couple’s name, place of the marriage ceremony, time of the marriage and other details mentioned in the certificate are true and it is declared as a legal marriage. In order to make it acceptable as a legal document in UAE for any purpose Marriage Certificate Attestation is essential.

If you select Axis Attestation Services Services for attesting your marriage certificate, forget all the stressful process you heard of and being physically present at the government departments back home. We will make attestation of your marriage certificate absolutely stress-free and save your time. Read below our service, purpose and the process of attesting marriage certificate.

Our Premium Marriage Certificate Attestation Services:

  • Indian Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE
  • UK Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE
  • USA Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE
  • Australia Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE
  • Canada Marriage Certificate Attestation for UAE

Apart from above mentioned major countries, You can get attestation for other countries here.

Purpose of Attesting Marriage Certificate:

  • To bring your spouse on residence visa to UAE.
  • To add spouse name in the passport.
  • To add the spouse to your health benefits insurance.
  • To admit wife for delivery in hospital.
  • To apply for children passport.
  • To buy property jointly with spouse.
  • To apply for divorce.

The process of Attesting Marriage Certificate:

  1. Attestation from the Home department of the certificate issued country (Home country of the certificate).
  2. Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Ministry of External Affairs in the home country.
  3. Verification and Legalization by the UAE Embassy or UAE Consulate in the home country.
  4. Finally, attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.

We have regular, premium and super express services for attesting marriage certificates depending on the country to country. To select particular services to depend upon your budget and required time frame, please correspond with our attestation experts through a call, WhatsApp, email or any of the below mentioned contact preferences.

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