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Canada doubles funds needed to be eligible for student visa; refuses to extend work permit relief

Moving to Canada to pursue education has become more expensive. The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has announced an increase

MBBS in Canada: Costs, Entry Requirements, Free Tuition and Scholarships

Every year, international students are trooping down to Canada in their hundreds and thousands to study. This is not surprising as Canada is widely known for its ..

Study In UK-Advantages And Disadvantages

The degrees of UK colleges and universities are well recognized around the world. It is a matter of privilege and pride for students to get education from UK colleges..

Is IELTS Required To Study In The UK?

A frequently asked question from international students who want to study in the UK is, “Is IELTS mandatory to study in the UK?” The short answer is No. As English is the national language in the UK

Upcoming Intakes In UK

Unlike a single intake in Indian universities, colleges and universities in the UK offer two main intakes. In some universities, intakes may also be referred to as a semester. Autumn Intake:September to October..

UK Scholarships For International Students

Today’s higher education rule is: the higher the quality of education the higher the price. UK universities are a perfect sample of such formula. They are consistently ranked among …

Recruiting Skilled Workers From Outside The UK In 2021

From January 1 2021, the UK will introduce a new points-based immigration system. For employers, this means some changes to the way you recruit and transfer employees from overseas.

Student Visa In The UK : Student Visa Requirements In 2021

A degree obtained in the UK can provide you with more than just an outstanding academic qualification. It can also provide you with valuable work placements and experiences.

Point Basis Required For Every Tiers – Immigration System In UK

This tier is for highly skilled individuals, entrepreneurs, investors, and graduate students from outside of the EU who can offer growth and progress in the UK.

Post Study Work Visa

A post study work visa is the permission given by any country to immigrants to continue working as a full-time worker in that country’s local job market, post their education from the country itself.

Points-Based Immigration System In The UK – Updated 2021

If you want to study or work in the UK, first apply for a visa if you are under the subject of immigration control. Because now the UK uses five tiers’ points-based system.

Canada’s Education System

Canada is the most educated country in the world in 2021! Approximately 56% of the population has post-secondary education which includes certificates, diplomas, or academic degrees. The Canadian education system..

English Language Requirements UK Visa

Applicants for various long-term UK visas (unless exempt) will need to take an English language exam known as: Secure English Language Testing (SELT) – administered by an approved test centre.Tests will assess: speaking and..

International Mobility Program (IMP)

Canada’s labour market has been under tremendous strain due to various reasons such as a declining birth rate, a booming economy, and younger retirement age, leaving many important jobs in Canada vacant.

Everything You Need To Know About Canada’s CRS Score

If you’ve looked into applying to immigrate to Canada you would probably have heard about or read about the Comprehensive Ranking System and Canada Express Entry CRS cut-off scores.

Student Direct Stream

The Student Direct Stream (SDS) is an initiative created by the Canadian Government in 2018 to help process student visa applications faster and help welcome more international students from all over the world.

7 New Countries Eligible For Fast-Tracked Visa Processing

This is a part of Canada’s economic recovery plan, and now international students from the following South and Central American countries can apply for fast-tracked visa processing:

Switching To A Student Visa From Another Type Of Visa From Within The UK

If we are in the UK on the date of application for a Student Visa, you must not have, or have last been granted, permission to enter or remain..

Information Should Know As An International Student Starting University In UK In 2021

Starting study in the UK as an international student in the academic year 2021, might be a bit more overwhelming than it might have been..

UK Grading System

The UK education system is unique as so is the grading system applied by educational institutions. However, the reputation of British higher education is largely attributed to such efficient education and grading system.


The new UK post-study work visa is open for eligible applicants to apply from 1st July 2021. The visa path is now available for applications,..

Meeting The Financial Requirements For A Spouse VISA

One of the most onerous aspects of applying for a spouse visa in the UK is meeting the financial requirement. On the surface it looks relatively straightforward with the sponsor or applicant..

To Avoid Canada Immigration Fraud

In fact, from 2020 to 2021, online scammers and fraudsters are doing more harm to people than ever before. Knowing what link, you can and can’t click on today is a skill that everybody needs to master. That is if you don’t want to end up being the victim of Canadian immigration fraud..

English Language Tests Are Required To Study in Canada

As part of the preparation to study in Canada, international students may have to sit an approved English language test for academic purposes. There are over 600 schools in Canada…

How To Avoid Writing A Language Test To Study In Canada

According to UBC (University of British Columbia’s) edition:
Complete four or more consecutive years of recognized, full-time education in English within Canada immediately prior to attending UBC.

Canada Easing Travel Rules Including For Approved Immigrants

Canada has also eased other travel restrictions. Vaccinated individuals will be able to travel to Canada starting on July 5, 2021, without having to quarantine for 14 days, and without …

New Canadian Public Immigration Policy for International Students:

Canada will aim to welcome over 400,000 new immigrants each year to support the country’s high living standards. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Canada is on track to achieve..

Canadian Immigration

A workforce solutions provider reveals an increase in Canadian employment rates, PEI invites 155 applicants to apply for nomination while Ontario invites 222 more Canadian Experience Class applicants are..

Work In Canada

Immigrants are doubtful to find work in Canada in 2021, especially as the pandemic progresses. Many economies were badly affected but Canada’s job market has return back to usual country or activities after having a problem.