Refund Policy


Axis Overseas Careers has the right to terminate/withdraw their services without refund of service fee if the applicant: –

  1. Does not submit all documents within the stipulated time from the date of his/her registration which is within 30 days. However, in case IELTS Report has to be submitted, the client has 160 days from registration only for submission of IELTS (all other documents need to be submitted in 30 days).
  2. Corresponds directly with any Govt. body at any stage, until & unless the applicant is authorized, given written consent or instructed by Axis Overseas Careers to do so.
  3. Tries to malign with name- of the company in what so ever manner, which tampers the functioning of the business or reputation.
  4. Doesn’t respond to the mails and calls made by the company for /within 30 days backs out due to personal reasons / Voluntary withdrawal.
  5. Failure on medical grounds by the client or any of his family members included in the application.
  6. Failure to provide a Police Clearance Certificate, which is not less than 3 months old.
  7. Failure to prove sufficient funds for settlement or maintenance by the client or his or her family members as specified / required by the embassy / consulate.
  8. Prior violation of any immigration or visa law by the client or any of his family member included in the application or for any misleading information in the application form.
  9. Late submission of any additional documents requested by the consulate during the application processing.


Refund of Fees (except reg: fees 20,000/-) is possible only on the following grounds and only confined to these grounds: –


  1. Visa denied (on any grounds whatsoever, excluding reasons covered in other clauses) after applying appropriately using Axis Overseas Careers, Services.
  2. Immigration rules get changed for the-destination country within 30 days of this agreement and the applicant is not qualified under the new rules or any other scheme.


If your request for refund falls under the acceptable terms and conditions of the company and the service agreement and is approved, the time taken to process such a request would be up to 90 working days. Refunds will be issued via a Cheque/NEFT/RTGS transfer. The refund Cheque will be made payable to the applicant and mailed to the address indicated on the agreement.