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death certificate attestation in dubai

Death Certificate Attestation

In every country, it is mandatory to get the death certificate as per law. To get the death certificate one has to report and register it first. A death can be reported by the relatives of deceased or any family member in case it happens in a house. In case if it occurs in a medical center/hospital it has to be reported by the medical practitioner or medical-charge. Once it is reported the government will issue the death certificate to the nearest or blood relatives of the deceased. The death certificate contains the details of date, place, cause, and fact of the death. To use the death certificate in UAE for any legal purpose death certificate attestation is compulsory.

Axis Attestation Services Services will handle all the procedures throughout every government department in completing the death certificate attestation. Required documents and purpose of death certificate attestation are mentioned below.

Major purposes of Death Certificate Attestation:

  • To claim the insurance in the name of a beneficiary.
  • To settle any legal obligations.
  • To settle the property benefaction.

Documents required for Death Certificate Attestation:

  • Original Death Certificate.
  • Clear Passport copy the Deceased.

Procedure for Death Certificate Attestation:

Procedure and process for attesting death certificate vary from country to country. For Example, if the death certificate is issued from India, the following are the process.

  1. Attestation from concerned Home Department
  2. Attestation from Ministry of External Affairs (MEA)
  3. Attestation from UAE Embassy in India or UAE Consulate
  4. Attestation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE.

The duration for attesting death certificate depends on issuing country and time to time changes in the law of the issuing country. To know exact duration, our affordable price and quick service please contact our attestation advisory team by calling or emailing them on:

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