Embassy Attestation

embassy attestation in dubai

Embassy Attestation

Embassy Attestation

Legalization of Documents by Embassies Located In the UAE

For the purpose of using in a foreign country, a document first needs to be attested by the UAE Ministry of foreign affairs and the destination country’s embassy/consulate in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

The rules pertaining to the ratification/legalization change from embassy to embassy. While many embassies attest documents upon submission, in some instances one may need to obtain an appointment before visiting the embassy or needs translations by some specific, registered translators to be submitted.

For instance, the Spanish embassy only legalizes documents presented at an appointment, while the Canadian embassy attests documents only on a couple of days in the week. Russian embassy only accepts documents which are translated. Most of the times, the required information is not always readily available.

Saudi Arabia Embassy Attestation

All documents which are envisioned to be used in Saudi Arabia need to be authenticated from the Saudi embassy/Saudi consulate from the originated country. In Case of educational certificates, cultural attestation is undertaken by the Saudi Cultural Office. Legalization of documents is mandatory if people are going to Saudi for a specific purpose like education, business, work permit, etc. Saudi Arabia embassy attests a document after the MEA has validated that document and this is the last stage of the attestation process.

Qatar Embassy Attestation

Before submitting your certificate for attestation to Qatar embassy, a pre-verification process should be complete. The pre-verification process starts with authentication by Notary public and then being sent for Verification to the Ministry of Home Affairs / Foreign Affairs of the issuing country.

The ambiguity and lack of information can give way for a confusing and exhausting experience especially in cases where the required embassy is not established yet in the UAE. That’s where we step in with our experienced attestation consultants, ready to take over and assist you with any requirement you may have.

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