Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. The Company agrees to render the following services to the above-mentioned Client: –
  2. Company will provide assistance to the applicant with regards to the process time, and procedures of filling the petition/application.
  3. Company will provide a contemporary checklist of documents that are to be submitted while filling the petition/application.
  4. The Company will assign an Exclusive Sheet anchor to take you through the complete process till you file petition/ application. She/he will call you and explain you the complete procedures as and when required.
  5. The Company will assist the applicant fill up all the appropriate application/visa/assessment form.
  6. The Company or an individual of the company can act as your representative if you choose to oblige the formalities for doing so.
  7. The Company will regularly update you with the latest changes in the petition/application or assessment system and help you to upgrade.
  8. The Company will assist you in booking visa slots at the appropriate place, time and procedure.
  9. The Company will assist you in the procedures of Medicals and Police Clearance Certificates.
  10. The Company will assist you in process applications of spouse and children with no extra service charges.
  11. Assistance in Foreign Exchange and Air Ticketing (Paid Service).
  12. Assist you in Relocation Service which includes things to carry, airport and port of entry rules and procedures, clothing, airport pickup assistance, temporary and permanent residence solution and a kit containing details you will require to settle into the new country. A booklet would also be provided which has the complete orientation of the COUNTRY you chose for and about the post landing issues also. It helps you to kick start Letter / Job search Checklist / guide to Career Sites / Taking a job interview / International Career Guide Articles /International Career Articles / Society, Culture and Language /Geography / History /Politics /Sport / Entertainment /Newspapers / Racism /Indians in that Country / Immigration- Migration related Articles / Relocation and Residence Opportunities – Sector Opportunities / Regional Opportunities / Latest News and updates.


  1. The Company has briefed about the living conditions; Infrastructure and quality of living, which differs from place to place and person to person. The Company



is liable only in providing assistance in applying through the expertise of Counselors, Sheet Anchors and other team members and are limited to only providing a check list of documents that have to be submitted while applying (which might change from time to time) assistance in providing formats, procuring documents from the concerned place (we will only help you understand how to get these documents but nor do we guarantee or practically go and get these documents for you/on behalf of you) assistance in filling up applications and lastly submission. Applicant understands that it is his/her responsibility to abide by the above terms and conditions and also further agree that The Company reserves the right to verify and to terminate their service at any time if the applicant fails to abide by the terms and Conditions.


  • Company is not responsible for refund of any fees or other amounts/ charges that have been paid to any assessing bodies, Immigration Authorities, Embassy / Consulate / High Commission in the event of applicant getting or not getting approval/visa/immigration or on rejection or non-acceptance of his/her application at any stage by any authority. The Registration / Processing fee only includes the company’s service but no application or assessing fee is included in it. The applicant agrees to pay all other additional costs like Courier and Notary charges, IELTS exam fee, Skill assessment, Medicals, obtaining Police Clearance Certificates, Visa fees etc.


  1. Company reserves the right to canvas the applicant’s achievements through any



  1. The Company will not be responsible in getting your documents attested, Notarized, formatted from the required organization as it’s the applicant’s responsibility to do so. Booking visa dates or related work would be done as an extended courtesy job but is not on the activities that we charge for.


  1. All the documents submitted to the company will not be, returned as we never will require the original documents to be sent to our office; we would require the scanned / photo copies of the actual to complete the process. Any claim for returning these will not be possible.


  1. The Company does not guarantee any kind of employment to the applicant. We offer only assistance in finding a job by editing the resume, Uploading the resume in job sites etc. and we also do not provide any accommodation rather assist through our past applicant references, these services are not charged for and should be considered as civility value added services.


  1. The applicant takes the onus of giving all the information which or might impact the application which include and are not limited to past rejection to any country, past application and approvals etc. with exact dates and results.


  1. The Company has undertaken to process the application for immigration to the country of applicant’s choice and is not predisposed for denunciation / cancellation or non-acceptance of his/her application or not getting visa/immigration or any other related documents or conformations from any authority on merits.


  1. Neither the company nor any of its employees are responsible if any documents/information furnished by applicant are found to be not true, false or fabricated at any stage by any authority and the applicant shall be solely liable for the costs and consequences arising thereof. It is a strict practice to not suggest applicant to go with any fake / fraud process but at the same time the onus lies with the applicant to see that documents produced are genuine and verifiable.


  1. Applicant also declares that all the documents and information provided at the time of initial review and visa applications is true and understands that none of these documents were created by us. If the applicant is denied because of any

document produced along with the visa application, the applicant agrees to face the consequences without any involvement of the company.


  1. The Company will not entertain any deadlines from the client as the whole process has to go through a foolproof system and any external pressure would only tamper the perfection of the file.


  1. The Company is not liable for any travel arrangements made by the applicant prior to its confirmation and the same being communicated to the applicant by mail or any other written proof duly signed by their concerned authority. Applicant should take information on the port of entry requirements and arrange the same by themselves.


  1. The Service Charges charged by the Company have no reference to the market charges and doesn’t have to be equal to the contemporaries as they are contemporary only to the company standards which the client agrees to have got satisfied and then registered. Any claims after the registration of being too expensive would not be entertained and the applicant would have no right to contest on the same as it was explained and expressed to all the sources of information and has been convinced for which the applicant has agreed upon for registration.


  1. The applicant doesn’t have to necessarily submit all the documents at the time of registration process after it is completed online, there will be more sheet anchors to whom the concerned details go automatically and the company assigns these people to make sure the application is given utmost care, full document not submitted or part will make these Sheet Anchors complete generic things like completing covering letters, application forms etc. and waiting for your documentation and the company would not entertain requests referring to “No documents or part documents submitted so no work done” as this statement makes no intellect after having this Service Agreement on mutual consent.


  1. The Review is done on the basis of not JUST documentation but on the basis of information given on the Review Report (RR) which will be done from your resume, mails exchanged or tele-conversation. No refund would be possible if the applicant fails to submit one or all documents after registration and agrees on not making a reference of work done by the company when no documents is submitted as it was informed to the applicant in prior and the same has been agreed upon.


  1. If you are registered for Immigration to Canada then CIC doesn’t oblige to use a representative and nor are, we one. You have to do a self-representation as in most occasions it would jeopardize your application in future if we are used as a paid Representative for representation which we are not authorized under CIC rules. We would be assisting you in the complete process except representation and if you insist one then you will have to sign the IMM 5475 and 76 forms on the name for one individual who would be representing your file. By signing this declaration, the applicant accepts to have not paid any monies for the specific purpose of “Representation” to the CIC.


  1. It’s the applicant’s responsibility to score a required band in the necessary exam, failing which the candidate is open to request for more time and re write but this inability to meet criteria on which the company has got absolutely no control should not be a reason on refund as the company has worked on everything else. Also, if required company may ask applicants spouse/common in law to give required exam (IELTS) to make the applicants case stronger.


  1. The concerned Embassy / High Commission/Consulate keep changing their procedures of accepting application and the company has no control on the same. These may include a) asking the applicant to come for a personal interview b) asking the applicant to get some additional documentation or get them attested c) increasing fee etc. in these cases the applicant agrees to take the responsibility of meeting the same.


  1. Applicant accepts that immigration process includes showing of enough funds which ranges from INR 01-10 lakhs (if dependents are traveling then it will increase) which is agreed to and registered and these might be required for a particular time period which might range from 1-12 months, any failure of showing the same while applying will lead to the application being denied or not accepted. In this case no refund will be done from the Company.


  1. In case of visa being rejected on following grounds no refund will be made: –
    1. If Applicant fails to attend the visa Interview.
    2. If the Applicant does not comply with the requirements of Embassy or consulate.
    3. For any other reasons where the Consulate / Embassy authorities reject the visa for forgery, intimidation, submission of false documents or unverifiable documents etc.
    4. Application or processing fee paid to Visa authorities or any other institution is clients’

liability and are not included in Axis Overseas Careers’ Service charges and would not

entertain any claim for these monies in case of rejection.


  1. If the application /Petition is returned/ rejected / delayed owing to an error in Application

Fee or mode of payment, the Applicant agrees not to contest on withdrawal of his

application on this ground, as the payment and / the Mode of application fee is the sole

liability of the Applicant.

  1. The Company does not take any liability on the applicant’s assumption of filing a case in a particular period of time frame and any such assumptions are at his/ her discretion. The process is not generic but is customized and at many a times a variety or further documentation might be required to conclude the process and cannot be contents on the grounds of not being information at the initial stages.
  2. It is understood that submission of application for immigration is never generic, routine

and / or time bound. The concerned case officer may call for additional documents as

per the changing requirements of the process and may request for further submission

of such additional documents as per the changing requirements of the process and may

request for further submission of such additional documents to the concerned

immigration authorities. Any request for refund on these grounds will not be