The 5 countries in the world which are the most receptive of Immigrants are:

Canada, The United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, New Zealand

Let’s look at our top 5 immigration friendly countries. These are countries with high flows of immigrants and often have well-established immigrant communities that can provide support to newer arrivals. They provide top paying jobs.



Like Canada, Australia is an enormous country with a relatively sparse population concentrated on the coast. Like Canada, Australia has a huge hinterland that may be rich in minerals but which supports very low population figures, scattered across a large area.


No one would have expected quite the number of immigrants-many of them –refugees-that Germany has received over the past few years. Yes, post-war West Germany opened up its borders to migrant workers from Turkey and Southern Europe and elsewhere over 50 years ago.



Canada has consistently been a high-immigration country, at least relative to the U.S. Canada’s immigration success thus far is liberal that it’s largely because its method of controlling immigration is simply quieter, subtler, and less obvious than America’s.


The United Kingdom 

There were an esteemed 143.9 million passenger arrivals in the last year. A 4% increase compared to the previous year and the highest number on record.

New Zealand 

If you have skills, qualifications or experience that New Zealand needs you may be able for a resident visa under the skilled Migrant category. The skilled Migrant category.

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  • The process does not change when you approach an immigration consultant but the pattern does change.
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