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Four reasons why Canada won’t halt immigration

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Canada Immigration: Four reasons why Canada won’t halt immigration

Despite the unprecedented times we live in. there are four major reasons why Canada will not halt immigration.


Canada is a country that was built by immigrants and its Indigenous peoples. Canada’s history of accommodation people from around the world continues continues to guide its efforts to accommodate newcomers so they can continue to support Canada’s economic and social vibrancy.

Canada Immigration


Canada’s geography is favorable when it comes to immigration since it can exercise strong control over who can enter the country. As mentioned above, this allows Canada to have high levels of public support for  Canada immigration and continue to welcome high levels of Canada immigration.

Canada Immigration Policy

Stakeholders across Canada recognize immigration is critical to sustaining its high living standards. Canada has an aging population and low birthrate, which is constraining its economy growth and creating fiscal pressures. As a result, immigrants are predominantly welcomed under the economic class to stimulate Canada’s economy and support its fiscal standing.

Canada immigration


Immigrants account for over 20 per cent of Canada’s population and many citizens are second third and fourth generation Canadians. Given the Immigrants mostly reside in Canada’s largest cities. Canadian political parties usually need to appeal to immigrants in order to win power.