Effect of Coronavirus on Canada Immigrants

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Effect of Coronavirus on Canada Immigrants

Effect of Coronavirus on Canada Immigrants

While U.S bans immigrants, Canada welcomes them. Trump signed an Executive order on April 22. The executive order will suspend the processing of permanent resident applications made by those outside of the United States for 60 days. The ban will not apply to health care professionals or researchers seeking to enter the U.S as immigrants to help combat COVID-19 (coronavirus).


Canada will not be adopting any similar immigration suspensions, according to a Radio-Canada report. Despite the havoc the Corona virus has wreaked onto the global economy, Canada still recognizes that immigration supports the labour market and the country’s economic growth. Though Canada has also enacted temporary restrictions on foreign travel as part of its efforts to stop the spread of Corona virus, applications for permanent residence are still being approved and the government is still holding immigration draws to invite more people to submit permanent residence applications.

Canada welcomes three times as many immigrants on a per capita basis than the U.S. Canada has a population of about 38 million and is now welcoming around 340,000 immigrants per year (0.9% of its population). The U.S has a population of 330 million and welcomes around 1.1 million immigrants per year (0.3% of its population). Nearly 60% of Canada’s immigrants arrive under the economic class, followed by 26% under the family class, and 14 % as refugees.

Canada’s unwavering commitment to immigration during coronavirus pandemic.


The country continues to demonstrate its commitment to the 2020-2022 Immigration Level Plan.

  • Express Entry draw took place on April 16 and April 15
  • BC had a Provincial Nominee Program draw on April 16
  • Two Express Entry draws took place on April 9
  • BC announced three PNP draws on April 6 and 7, and March 30
  • Alberta had two PNP draws on April 1 and 14
  • Saskatchewan had a PNP draw on March 26
  • Manitoba also hosted a draw on March 26
  • A federal Express Entry draw took place on March 23
  • Alberta hosted a PNP draw on March 18
  • An Express Entry draw was held on March 18