Quebec Updates Area Of Training List

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Quebec Updates Area Of Training List

Quebec Immigration Ministry published its updated Area of Training List on Friday, November 1.

The new list replaces the previous Area of Training List that was published August 2, 2018, and the ministry said the updated version applies to all applications submitted before or after November 1.

The list is used by the Government of Quebec to determine eligibility to the Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) and to assign points when determining who receives a Quebec Selection Certificate (Certificat de sélection du Québec, or CSQ).  A Quebec Selection Certificate (CSQ) is required in order to immigrate to Quebec as a permanent resident.

Revision of list is done by Quebec periodically to reflect its economic and employment needs.

The document is divided into five sections (A to E), with areas of training listed in Section A considered the most in-demand.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program Selection

Area of Training is one of the 10 factors that are considered under the points grid for the Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSWP), which is the province’s most popular immigration pathway.

Points are awarded for specified foreign and Quebec university, college and secondary-level vocational degrees based on the level of employer demand in Quebec, with those listed under Section A worth 12 points.

The area of training is one of the factors that Quebec considers when determining who it invites to apply for a selection certificate through the QSWP and also plays a role in who is ultimately selected for permanent residence in the province.

Area of Training and Updated PEQ Eligibility

Updated criteria for the Quebec Experience Program published this week require all candidates to have a degree or diploma in an eligible area of training.

Eligible areas of training are those under Part II of Sections A and B of the list.

On November 1st the revised criteria took effect.

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