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UAE Police Clearance Certificate

The United Arab Emirates is a home for the wealthy cultural historical past that has always been strongly inspired by its particular surroundings. The emirate has varied terrain, desert, beaches, oasis, which has influenced the lifestyle of people in UAE. UAE government offers a police rationalization to its residents and immigrants who are making plans to relocate overseas for fulfilling their different needs. A purpose of a Police clearance certificate is to show that the applicant has or has not had any criminal records in the past. It is only given to individuals who have not committed any crime. The certificate makes your entrance to any foreign country easier.

Supporting Documents necessary for the UAE Police Clearance Certificate:-

  • Emirates ID of the applicant.
  • Passport copy.
  • Passport size Photo.

UAE Police Clearance Certificate is a legal document which is used to show that the character of an individual. The validity of this document usually depends on the country that issues it. The immigration procedure from UAE is made easier when you have UAE Police Clearance Certificate. If you are resident of UAE and decides to move to any other foreign country a police clearance certificate will make your migration smoother. It shows the personality of the individual more clearly to the destination country.

Important purposes for getting the UAE PCC:-

  • Migration to another country from UAE
  • It is also necessary for family visa to any country from UAE
  • To start a new business in a foreign country for a person moving from UAE
  • PCC is useful for higher education also

It is difficult for individuals who has done any crime to get a UAE Police Clearance Certificate and is only issued to individuals who the UAE government feels less harmful. A person should not do any crime against the nation’s interest if he need obtain a PCC easily. The Period of stay should be mentioned prior to the application of PCC. Children below the age of 18 usually need not obtain a PCC. Only those authorities in UAE are responsible for issuing these documents to its residents. The Police clearance certificate acts as one the vital document in international communication. The UAE police clearance certificate is used prevent individuals who pose danger to the country’s security. This certification is mandatory for people who want to work in any country from UAE

Foreign countries usually ask for a police clearance certificate before letting an individual to their country. The UAE government makes sure that the person has not done any crime which violates the UAE rules and is been reported before issuing a UAE PCC. Boarding of people having criminal background becomes a threat to the country so foreign countries take prior verification from countries in which they have been residents for more than 1 year. The certificate is a declaration showing that the individual is safe. The need for police clearance certificates have increased due to security issues. Thus this is one of the important documents for migration. The certificate opens up a way to your destination.

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