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Saudi Police Clearance Certificate

Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest oil exporting nations on the planet. Saudi Arabia government bolsters their locals by giving an affirmation certificate to its occupants to enable them to move into another country. That report is normally known asSaudi Police Clearance Certificate. Saudi PCC is an abbreviation of Saudi Police Clearance Certificate and it is considered as a basic record in every worldwide region. Individuals acquire Saudi Police Clearance Certificate to demonstrate that they have no criminal foundations in Saudi. Saudi expats can get Saudi PCC from Saudi police office or specialists.

Why do residents need to attain Saudi police clearance certificate while migrating ?

  • First explanation behind getting a Saudi PCC is business purposes, since these days every nation is required in the universal field to guarantee that the immigrant worker is certifiably not an unsafe individual.
  • At times, it is likewise required for worldwide movement purposes and it encourages the authority to distinguish that the transient won’t make any risk their country’s security or brutality.

Saudi Arabia government will give Saudi Police Clearance Certificate to their locals who remained in Saudi for over a year. In Saudi the PCC will be given simply after the exacting review method. Police clearance certificate is considered as a result of your past activities. If any law of Saudi Arabia has been violated by the applicant, then he/she is not eligible for Saudi police clearance certificate.

Police freedom declaration is an underwriting of your past doing or exercises and the outcome relies upon your past lead. The expression ‘Police clearance certificate’ will change from country to country like good conduct certificates, judicial record extracts, character certificate.

Requirements of applying a Saudi Arabia PCC are listed below:

  • Iqama copy
  • Visa copy
  • Passport size photo
  • Passport copy

These pre-requisites are compulsory and basic necessities for getting Saudi police clearance certificate. The key purpose of asking the Saudi police clearance certificate is to keep the section of Saudi drifters. Individuals underneath the age of 18 needs not required this affirmation. Police clearance certificate is a very important document which is obligatory for travelling without any further issues.

Saudi PCC counteracts the boarding of dangerous people who represent a hazard to another nation’s security. Before giving the Saudi police clearance certificate, the authority will check all the past activities of the candidate to know whether he doesn’t participate in any criminal operations in the nation.


For example, you have been lived in Saudi Arabia for multiple years, in the mean time you wanted to move into UK, yet for that, you need a Saudi Arabia PCC and you can apply from here to get it. When you got a Saudi Police clearance certificate, you can move into another country moving forward without any more legitimate checks.

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