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Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

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Provinces and Territories Covered by The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

 Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program : Community Requirements

Communities must:

  • Have a population of 50,000 or less and be located at least 75km from the core of a Census Metropolitan Area, OR
  • Have a population of up to 200,000 people and be considered remote from other larger cities, according to the Statistics Canada Remoteness Index.
  • Have job opportunities.
  • Have an economic development plan.
  • Have a local economic development organization that can manage the pilot for your community
  • Help settle new immigrants in the community by having or developing:
  • Relationships with local or regional immigrant-serving organizations
  • Opportunities to connect newcomers with established members of the community
  • Access to key services like
    • Education
    • Housing
    • Transportation
    • Health care
  • Communities must also have letters of support from:
    • The municipality (local leaders) AND
    • A local or regional immigrant-serving organization.

How Communities Apply to The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot Program

A completed application includes:

  • Community Interest Form (available on the federal government website).
  • An economic development plan was written in the last 3 years.
  • A letter of support from a municipal leader
  • A letter of support from a local or regional immigrant-serving organization

Optionally, the application might also include:

  • Letters of support from:
    • Major employers.
    • Community members.
  • Demographic and economic data.

The Economic Development Organization must complete the application, with a deadline of March 1, 2019.

What Is A Local Economic Development Organization?

An economic development organization has:

  • Economic development central to its mandate.
  • Economic development or strategic plan, or falls under a broader plan.
  • Available resources to participate in the pilot

Examples include:

  • Community futures organization.
  • Chamber of commerce.
  • Other independent or not-for-profit economic development organization.
  • Hybrid organization of a municipality with an independent board of directors made up of community stakeholders.