Quebec Immigration Consultants in Calicut

Quebec Immigration Consultants in Calicut

Quebec Immigration Consultants in Calicut: Axis Overseas Careers is the best consultancy for Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSW) at kozhikode, Kerala, India.

When it comes to Best Quebec Immigration Consultants in Kerala you cannot miss the name of Axis Overseas Careers. Guiding aspiring 5000 candidates.

Axis have been a pioneer in making Immigration a lifetime experience for you and your family. We are a dynamic team of professional business managers committed to making the instinct process of Immigration a smooth sail.

Quebec Immigration Consultants in Calicut

Quebec Immigration Consultants in Calicut

Kozhikode has been ranked the second best city in India to reside in which is also known as Calicut, this beautiful city boats of beautiful beaches parks temples churches sanctuaries, hillocks, museums, wildlife sculptures, rivers and lots more. It is the prominent trade and Commerce center in Kerala.

Vasco da Gama first set foot here in 1498 after which it became one of the most important ports in the Malabar region for the trade of Spices, silk, and other goods between European countries and India.

The nature of land in Kozhikode is mashy that is the reason why the world also knows Kozhikode as Chullikkad which means shrubby jungle.

The friendly nature of the people of Kozhikode, along with their love for traditional values is heart touching. The economy of Kozhikode are mainly depends on agriculture and fisheries but it is not just limited to them. The timber industry is very powerful in Kozhikode and it is also the main center for the export of tea, coffee and coconuts.

Quebec Immigration Consultants in Calicut, We are the trusted Quebec immigration consultants in Calicut.

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General Federal skilled workers program in which you are selected, then you will be issued a Quebec selection certificate. Once you have the selection certificate, you can apply for Canada PR visa and begin the preparations to move to Canada.

Once you arrive in the province, have to undergo a medical and police clearance exam, only after which you get a Canadian PR card. With the National Express entry program, the QSWP is based on the skills and occupations categorized by the National Occupation Classification (NOC).

Those skills regarded in high demand based on labour market conditions are given priority over others. This forms the basis for the entire immigration scheme of Quebec.

The QSWP is well a known most popular in immigration program in Quebec for skilled professionals. If you are a skilled migrant whose job profile matches the in-demand occupation listed by the NOC in Quebec, then you can apply for a PR visa to Canada after getting an invitation to apply from the Quebec immigration authorities.