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Quebec Immigration Consultants in Aluva

Quebec Immigration Consultants in Aluva: Axis Overseas Careers is the best consultancy for Quebec Skilled Worker Program (QSW) at Aluva, Kerala, India. When it comes to Best Quebec Immigration Consultants in Kerala you cannot miss the name of Axis Overseas Careers. Guiding aspiring 5000 candidates.

Axis have been a pioneer in making Immigration a lifetime experience for you and your family. We are a dynamic team of professional business managers committed to making the instinct process of Immigration a smooth sail.

Aluva is a city of Ernakulam district of Kerala. Aluva is the major and famous city of Ernakulam district which is the major transportation hub and act as a corridor which connects remaining district of Kerala with each other. Axis Overseas Careers is the best Quebec immigration consultancy in Aluva.

Quebec Immigration Consultants in Aluva

Quebec Immigration Consultants in Aluva: Quebec Experience Program (PEQ)

Quebec Immigration Consultants in Aluva; Quebec Experience Program (PEQ) which enhances the chances of being a permanent residence in Quebec for International students completing a post-secondary program in Quebec and also for foreign workers already working in Quebec.

It is a fast process providing permanent residence of Quebec to temporary foreign workers and international students who completing a particular period of work and approved study subsequently.

Quebec Experience Program for Temporary Workers

A full time employee in Quebec only can apply for this program. Moreover, employment period must be 12 months in the 24 months prior to the submission of the application. Duration of the employment period need not be continuous and also can afford more than one employer.

Moreover, the applicant must be residing temporarily in Quebec as a temporary foreign worker. Skill type 0, Skill level A, Skill level B, Skill level C and Skill level D category can apply for this program. Full- time employment in Quebec means that minimum 30 hours of paid work per week.

So that, the employee is working under this category can apply for this program. But, Self-employed or business owners in Quebec is not eligible for this program. A student’s or worker’s spouse who is working in Quebec on an open permit can also apply for this program, if he/she meet the requirements.

At the time of application submission, the temporary foreign worker must be full-time employee and must be in full compliance with visa conditions of a temporary foreign worker