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OMAN Police Clearance Certificate

Oman is an Arabian nation and legally a strict nation. Oman government supports its natives who are intending to settle in another nation by granting a legal affirmation to indicate that he/she has been not done any criminal activities in Oman.The confirmation is usually known as Oman PCC, and PCC is the acronym of Police Clearance Certificate. PCC is a result of your past activities.Oman PCC will be granted to individuals who stayed in Oman country for more than one year. In Oman, issuing PCC is the duty of police officials/ departments. Oman authority will give Police clearance certificate only after the strict inspection processes. At the time of that inspection, the authority found that the applicant has been violated any Oman rule or law and subjected to any court procedures, arrest, conviction, etc will not sufficient to get a Oman PCC. Police clearance certificate is an endorsement of your past doing or activities and the result depends on your past conduct. Moreover, some vital documents are essential for applying this confirmation.

Requirements needed for applying Oman PCC are listed below.

  • Passport copy of first entry and last exit
  • Visa Copy
  • Oman ID (If Available)
  • 2 Passport size photo

Police clearance certificate is an unavoidable part of international communication. For instance, you have been lived in Oman for 2 year, meanwhile you planned to move into Qatar, but for that, he needs a Oman PCC and you can apply from here to get it. PCC restricts the entry of risky persons who pose a risk to the country’s security. Before issuing a police clearance certificate the concerned authority will check all the past activities of the applicant to know if he takes part in any illegal activities in the country. Obtaining PCC has certain purposes.

What are the purposes of this Oman PCC?

  • Individuals obtain this PCC mainly for employment purposes, because nowadays PCC is required in the international field to ensure that the migrant worker is not a harmful person.
  • Sometimes, it is also needed for international migration purposes and it helps authority to identify that the migrant will not cause any threat to their nation’s security or violence.

If one Oman resident wants to go to a foreign nation and he has to submit a Oman PCCto prove that he has no criminal background in Oman. PCC is do not need for persons below the age of 18. Police clearance certificate have so many common terms like good conduct certificate, good citizen certificate and judicial record extracts, and so on. Oman PCC helps the destination country to understand very well about the person. Oman PCC helps its residents in migrating to a foreign nation for fulfilling their necessities and needs. Today, most of the country requires this certification to know the nature of the immigrant. Police clearance certificate is a key document wanted for demonstrating the character of the person.

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