Australia is a popular destination for international students. The first half of 2017 saw over half a million students enrol in various courses here. If you’re considering joining them; you need an Australian student visa.

After the USA and the UK, Australia is the most popular country for international students. Australian universities offer a variety of specialized courses in subjects ranging from science and technology to design and architecture. These degrees are globally recognized and highly sought after.

Australia also offers students a wholesome cultural experience. The cost of tuition and living in Australia is much lower than other countries like the USA and the UK and international students are permitted to work part-time to meet their expenses. For these reasons and more, the popularity of the Australian student visa has been steadily growing in the past few years.

About the Australian Student Visa

The Australian student visa permits international students to study in any recognized educational institute in Australia. In the case of courses that are shorter than 12 months, an Australian tourist visa may be sufficient. A student visa is typically required only for courses that last longer than 12 months.

This visa is valid for a maximum duration of 5 years. The actual period the visa is granted for depends on the course duration. If needed the duration of this visa may be extended. The Australian student visa also allows international students to work in Australia while they are enrolled in a full-time course. Certain family members may also accompany the applicant to Australia.

How to Apply for an Australian Student Visa – Time to Process and Eligibility Criteria 

The Australian student visa can take up to 3 months to be processed.

To be eligible for this visa the applicant:

  • Must be more than 6 years old
  • Must be accepted to a recognized educational institute in Australia
  • Must have travel and health insurance
  • Must have welfare arrangements organized in cases where the applicant is below the age of 18 years
  • Must be proficient in English
  • Must have sufficient financial resources to pay tuition fees and meet living expenses.
  • Must have a good character

The Application Process 

The first step to applying for an Australian student visa is to secure admission in a recognized Australian school or university. Once the tuition fee has been paid and admission is secured, a Confirmation of Enrolment will be sent from the school. If you are applying for more than one program, separate Confirmations of Enrolment will be needed for each program.

Next, collect all the relevant documents and create digital copies of each document. If any documents are in a language other than English they will have to be translated. To fill in the Australian student visa form, you will need to create an account on the Australian immigration website.

The visa application can be filled in online as early as 124 days before the commencement of your course. Once the application has been completed and relevant documents uploaded, a visa application fee will need to be paid. You will then receive a Transaction Reference Number that can be used to check the progress of your application.

In some cases, an interview and health check may be needed. Biometric information may also be needed in some cases. Typically the applicant will be informed via email once the Australian student visa has been processed. This is an electronic visa and hence you may print the grant letter as physical proof.

Document Checklist

  • Proof of Identity – scanned copy of birth certificate/driver’s license / national identity card
  • Copy of valid passport
  • 4 recent color, passport photographs
  • Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for all course/courses enrolled in
    • CoE is not needed in certain instances –
      • The study is being sponsored by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
      • The study is being sponsored by the Australian Department of Defence
      • The applicant is a secondary exchange student
      • The applicant is a postgraduate research student who needs to stay in Australia for their thesis
    • English proficiency test results
    • In the case of research students a copy of the research topic and resume
    • Proof of Health insurance
    • Marriage certificate in case the applicant is married
    • Most recent resume with educational record and employment history for the past 5 years
    • Evidence of current or most recent employment
    • A signed statement from the applicant that they intend on staying in Australia only temporarily
    • Completed and signed Form 956 and Form 956A
    • Proof of meeting the Genuine Temporary Entrant requirements. This could be in the form of-
      • Proof of employment – payslips/ letter of contract/ resume with employment history
      • Certified copy of educational certificates and academic transcripts
      • Certified copy of Australian educational certificates and academic transcripts
    • If any member of the applicant’s family accompanying him or her is between the ages of 5-17 years, documentation should be provided to confirm their enrollment in a certified Australian school.

In case the applicant is less than 18 years old he or she will also need the below documents.

  • Proof of accommodation in Australia
  • Parental consent – Form 1229
  • Anyone of the following documents as proof of welfare arrangements in Australia.
    • Form 157N
    • Welfare letter from the education provider
    • Acceptance letter in case of secondary exchange students
    • Letter of support from the Australian Department of Defence or Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

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