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Axis Overseas Careers is the final destination for Study Abroad, Overseas Education and Visa Consultation Services in India. Axis Overseas Careers is the pioneer in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Germany, Ireland, France, Italy, Malta, Switzerland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Philippines, Central America, Moldova, Russia, West Indies, Kyrgyzstan and Ukraine Study Abroad, Overseas Education Services in Kerala and across India Since 2012. Reach out to Axis Overseas Careers know more about your Education possibilities today. Axis Overseas Careers is always looking forward to assisting you!

Chennai is the fascinating capital of Tamil Nadu, which offers the perfect introduction to the Indian south colourful temples, famously spicy food and a rich history that leaps out of the architecture. Formerly known as Madras, Chennai was the site of the first British trading post in South India. Modern Chennai has grown up rather haphazardly around this colonial core, sprawling along the coastline beside the city’s most famous landmark, the 13km-long Marina Beach.  As the capital of the Dravidian south, Chennai is understandably proud of its Tamil culture, with traditions and religious customs that predate the influx of tribes from central Asia into the north of India. Axis overseas careers is the leading study abroad, overseas education consultancy in Chennai.


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