Ielts Coaching Centre In Palakkad

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Axis Overseas Careers is the best IELTS Coaching centre which is popular in India and all over the world. Currently, we offer training for IELTS using an online platform. As the world is progressing, technology is replacing traditional classroom settings. We ensure quality education by utilising technology and the courses are being delivered at the pace in which the candidate demands.  Axis Overseas Careers is a start-up firm with its branches all over the world. We aim to provide quality education for students and professionals who wish to study, work or migrate to an English-speaking nation.

Palakkad or Palghat is one of the 14 districts of Kerala state in south India. We are the best IELTS coaching centre in Palakkad.

IELTS Speaking paper

Part 1 – Introduction and interview

In Part 1 in which the examiner introduces him or herself and checks our identity. Then the examiner asks you general questions on some familiar topics, such as home, family, work, studies or interests. Time duration is 4 to 5 minutes. This is to test our ability to give opinions and information on everyday topics and common experiences or situations by answering a range of questions.

Part 2 – Long turn

The examiner gives you a task card which asks you to talk about a particular topic. We should have to talk about that topic about 2 minutes. You have one minute to prepare your talk and the examiner will give you a pencil and paper to make notes. We have to prepare notes about that topic within this 1 minute duration and also we have to prepare short notes such as when, where, how, who, vocabularies and linking words. We do not get enough time to write long sentence. The examiner will then ask you to begin talking and will stop you when the time is up. Part 2 lasts 3 to 4 minutes including the preparation time. This part tests your ability to speak at length on a given topic using appropriate language and organising your ideas logically.

Part 3 – Discussion

In Part 3 in which the examiner discuss issues related to the topic in Part 2 to us. Part 3 lasts 4 to 5 minutes. This part tests your ability to explain your opinions and to analyse, discuss and speculate about issues. In this part 3 gives an opportunity to discuss our own opinions in front of the examiner and he or she will ask the further questions based on our opinion.

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