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Canada is one of the most fascinating destinations for settlers andimigrants.Canada is a greatly developed country and second largest country by totalarea.
Canada is part of several major transnational and intergovermental institutions.Compared to other countries, canada permenant occupant visa is veritably easy to get, especially by those in india.
The country provides better standard of living, Free health care aystem, Right to vote and run for office, and also give social seurity benefits.
Canada is inviting 1.5 million new emigrants by 2025 to help promote the labor shortages.Canada is one of world’s top trading nations and one of its richest. Alongside a dominant service sector,Canada also has extensive oil inventories and is a major exporter of energy,food and minerals.
Canada also encourages emigrants and minorities to hold onto their cultures and represent their nation in education and
the work force. They offer services for translating and immigration guidance to support newcomers.
Canada is a excellent exemplar to the world as a leader in cultural diversity, forbearance, peaceful society, and safety.
Canada is fulled with well-known attractions and Amazing backgrounds that combine to make this country one of the most amazing places to live or visit in the world. There are attractions like the Thousand islets and Niagara Falls.
The economy continues to ameliorate with the lowest unemployment rate since 1976 and hundreds of thousands of new jobs created annually.

Benefits of canada migration:
1. Providing free and quality education to children below 18 years of age
2. Safe and secure environment
3. Sponsor your spouse ,parents and grandparents
4. Free health care and social service
5. Freedom of starting a new business
6. Freedom to move
Other Benefits,
a.A growing economy with lots of jobs
b.A Multicultural and welcoming country
c. Paid vacation
d. Maternity leave and parental leave
e.Live and work whereever in canada.

How to improve your CRS score

1.Better language test score

A slightly improved language test score/CLB level increases your overall CRS points by a huge margin.
Language test points can be up to 310 when combined with other factors ,and 320 with a spouse or common law partner
A language test takes just a day or two


-Getting master’s degree if they have already completed a bachelor’s degree
-Getting a phD Degree if they have a already completed a master’s degree

3.Getting additonal /Properly documenting work experience

Although a candidates job title seems unskilled ,they could have performed skilled tasks/duties in the past
Simply changing your job title in your express entry profile can ultimately increase your CRS score.

4.Compare spouse’s CRS score

Both individuals should calculate their CRS scores
The person with a Higher CRS score should apply as the primary applicant

5. Get a canadian job offer:

A canadian job offer gives you between 50-200 additional CRS points(depending on the type of job)

6.Get a provincial nomination (PNP) provincial nomination certificate

You get an additional 600CRS points for a provincial nomination certificate.

Five Easy canada PR Programs;

a.Express Entry
c.PNP Programs
d.Quebec Province
e.Family Sponsorship

a.Express Entry:

Canada express entry has always been the best option for skilled workers to move and settle in canada.Express entry uses a points-based system /Comprehensive Ranking system . Express entry is a scheme used by the government to choose or welcome express entry candidates.
It starts from while you build your Single profile in express entry, which permits you to a pool with new candidates.Your profile is set a score on your components such as age ,language proficiency ,work experience and previous education.Express entry is an online system used by the canadian government to organize and process applications for skilled workers who wish to immigrate to canada and acquire canadian PR status.


What affects your CRS score?

1. Age
2. Education
3. Language Proficieny
4. Work Experience
5. Ties of Canada (Blood Relation / Previous Study or Previous Work in Canada)

If Your CRS Score meets/ exceeds the express entry draw cut-off , you’ll receive an invitation to apply .
An ITA will allow you to make a complete application for your Canada PR (Documents upload, Biometrics, Visa Fees, etc.)

What Factors Make up your CRS?

1. Core/ Human Capital Factors

Points with spouse points without spouse

a. Age 100 110

b. Education 140 150

c. Language Proficiency 150 160

d. Work Experience in Canada 70 80

2. Spouse/ Common law Partner

a. Educational level 10

b. Language Proficiency 20

c. Work Experience in Canada 10

3. Skill Transferability

a. Education

• With strong official language and a post-secondary level 50

• with Canadian job experience and a post-secondary level 50

b.Foriegn work experience

• with Canadian job experience and overseas work experience 50

• with official strong language proficiency and foreign work exp.

c. certificate of qualification

• with solid official language proficiency and a certificate of qualification 50

4. Additional Factors:

• Provincial Nomination 600

• Arranged Employment 200

• French language proficiency 30

• Post-secondary education Canada 30

• Sibilings living in Canada 15


Canada has a strong and well- financed network of public education and is one of the most literate nations in the world. Canada has a broad network of colleges and universities, giving some of the finestpost-secondary education worldwide.
Its immigration-friendly policies and cost-effectual yet excellent high education system offer many opportunities for transnational pupils. World- class universities and fair education fees make Canada one of the top study destinations for transnational pupils.
transnational pupils who graduated from Canadian universities or edcational institution get a chance to stay back and work. In apart from, they’re permitted to work part- time while finishing their studies.After obtaining some work experience, pupils can apply for PR in order to acquire Canadian citizenship.

c.PNP Programs:

Canada’s provincial nominee programs( PNPs) give a path to Canadian PR for persons who are interested in immigrating to a special Canadian area or territory.

Each Canadian area and territory operates its own PNP designed to meet its special monetary and demographic needs.A successful applier to a PNP will be nominated by the area to apply to the civic government for permanent residence.
This means that immigrating to Canada through a PNP is always step one in a two- part procedure. initial stage is, an interested emigrant is approved at the provincial level and also they must apply to the civic level.
These programs generally target applicants with skills or work experience that can help the area reply to job request or demographic gaps.

Ontario HCP Stream:

Ontario is the most sought- after area for aspiring immigrants.The area has a good ambience and a lot of of high- quality career opportunities.It’s among provinces in canada having the largest emigrant population.
People chose to land in Ontario because of its job openings, high revenue and diverse population. The main aim of the Ontario Immigration Nominee program are to reply to skill shortages in targeted fields, make it easier to invest in Ontario, and make sure immigrant can settle and incorporate easily in the area.

b.SASKATCHEWAN Occupation in- demand program:

This PNP program is good for applicants who aren’t eligible to generate an express entry account.Employers in saskatchewan can voluntarily invite employees to fill in vacant post and you will require at least one year experience in an in- demand work, among other conditions.Its economy is primarily based on cultivation and important natural resources production like forestry and fishing.However, an transnational graduate or provisional foreign employee in Saskatchewan, or an entrepreneur with big plans for your coming business in Saskatchewan. If you’re a experienced worker abroad the SINP could be your way to Canadian permanent resident status.The SINP selects the applicants based on the criteria, i.e. education, experience, skills, etc. nevertheless, the criteria might get changed without intimation as per the area’s condition and more applications can be processed. Based on the current criteria the nomination program of this area is considered as one of the quick immigration programs. People from different qualifications can apply for this programme. This includes skilled workers, cultivators, entrepreneurs, transnational pupils etc.

c.Alberta express entry stream:

Located in Western Canada, Alberta is home to two of Canada’s largest metropolises, Calgary and Edmonton, and is the most populous of the country’s three Prairie areas. Alberta is a also a good province for aspiring emigrants.Entrepreneurs and business holders can even invest in Alberta for their PR.Alberta has also launched a new tech program called Alberta Accelerated Tech Pathway, This AAIP Stream enables applicants working in 38 tech or IT
Noc’s the opportunity to get PR for them and all dependent family members. Alberta is a world leader in the oil and gas production, but is also home to a energetic and fast- growing industrial and service economy.
Alberta enjoys a veritably low crime rate that makes its metropolises and municipalities pleasant places to abide and safe to raise a family.

d.Manitoba Skilled Overseas Stream:

Located between the areas of Ontario and Saskatchewan, the area of Manitoba is in numerous ways the entrance to western Canada.

You will require linkage to manitoba, its includes study finished in manitoba, prior work experience in manitoba, Relative now living in manitoba and you need 1 year of work experience to get any points, you can apply for six months.

As a small area with few immigrants, it required the PNP to promote itself as a destination of choice to skilled emigrants.The program’s object is to be flexible to Manitoba’s labour market and wide economic preferences.
Manitoba is the land of chances for the emigrants, either you’re a pupil or working professional or a businessman you have a huge scope to boost your career and Manitoba has the strongest economic backdrop with diversified chances.